Best Buy Return Policy DPPA Lawsuit


Best Buy is one of the world’s most popular electronic store and are also the focus of a class action lawsuit claiming violation of the Drivers’ Privacy Protection Act .  The lawsuit is entitled Best Buy Return Policy DPPA Class Action Lawsuit (Case No. 11-cv-81292-KLR) and is in the jurisdiction of the Southern District Court of Florida.  The lawsuit revolves around claims that Best Buy took, stored, used and shared customers’ personal or highly restricted personal information.  The personal information was obtained when customers would return a product to Best Buy. 

According to the lawsuit “some of the information from your ID may be stored in a secure, encrypted database of customer activity that Best Buy and its affiliates use to track exchanges and returns,”.  For example a customers driver licensed could have been scanned and then stored in an unsecure database.  The unsecure database could led to identity theft.  The lawsuit claims that under DPPA policy the driver’s license is not supposed to be used in the normal course of business.  It could be a long Christmas Season for Best Buy… Old Saint Nick might just leave some coal for one of the world’s largest electronic stores. 

Please check back for settlement information in the case.