California Hooters Waitresses Class Action Lawsuit Settlement


A class action lawsuit was filed against Hooters on behalf of 400 current and former Hooters employees in the Sacramento, CA area.  The lawsuit claims that the employees were not compensated for all worked performed, did not provide rest breaks and making employees pay for customers who walked out on checks.  This is in violation of the California labor laws according to the California Hooters Waitresses Class Action Lawsuit. 

“This settlement has succeeded in vindicating the women and establishes clear, defined procedures to ensure that no current or future employee of the franchise will ever suffer the indignities endured by former employees of Hooters,” via the class action members attorney. 
The settlement amount is unknown but  Hooters has agreed to provide break times, relax the uniform requirements of its employees, pay employees for all Hooters-related work, provide lockers for employees, and stop making the waitresses pay for people who walk out on the bill.  We hope the uniform policy won’t become to relax.