www.NestleBenefits.com – Nestle My Benefits

To access your employment benefits with nestle please have your user name and password on hand.  NestleBenefits.com is powered by Mercer and is free of use to all employees of Nestle.  If you have any questions or concerns about Nestle Benefits please dial 1-877-637-2255 to speak with a Service Representative.  The site works best with Internet Explorer (version 7.0 and above) or Firefox (version 2.0 and above).  Once an employee has accessed the service they can learn more about their employment benefits such as base pay, real rewards, health and welfare benefits, retirement and 401k savings, time off and paid holidays.  Nestle salary is based upon data specific to each position as measured in the marketplace and are designed to be … [Read more...]

www.SearsSolutionsMastercard.com – Sears Solutions Mastercard

Simplify your life with the Sears Solutions Mastercard online service.  This popular Sears credit card is issued by HSBC Bank and provides online bill pay services.  A user can also sign up for paperless statements, email alerts and special offers on popular name appliances, electronics and tools like Kenmore, Craftsman and many more.  If you're a frequent shopper at Sears this card is for you! If you already have the card and are not signed up for alerts by email and phone please do so ASAP.  These alerts will remind a user to pay a bill on time, when credits and refunds are applied to your Account, when large purchases are made or any other unusual activity and you will also get special offers and discounts by email.  Paperless statements … [Read more...]

www.onlinewagestatements.com/tandk – Thomas & King Employees Wage Statements

Thomas & King are considered the 16th largest restaurant franchise company in America and their employees can access their wage statements online.  Onlinewagestatements.com/tandk is operated by the Skylight Financial Company and requires the employees Username and Password in order to access the content.  If you have any questions about the site please contact your employer and not Skylight Financial.  The site functions best with Internet Explorer and can be used by authorized users only.  Online Wage Statements are becoming more and more popular as it cuts back on paper usage and is cheaper for companies than paper statements.  If you forgot your password please click on the forgot password link at the site and enter your username. … [Read more...]

mcnc.skillport.com – MCNC E-Learning

Employees will have to complete the MCNC E-Learning rules and guidelines powered by Skillsoft before beginning work at the casino.  This training course will help employees better understand their job and help them make correct decisions over wrong ones.  Required  courses and rules include compensated at my current rate of pay for completing Core courses while on casino property.  All non required courses can be completed off the clock at the cost of the employee.  These courses are optional and are not required but are recommended if you want to get a jump on other employees for future promotions.  Please complete these courses on your own and do not cheat or have someone else do them for you.  A user ID will be needed in order to start … [Read more...]

www.btfe.com/free – 5 Free eBoxTops

Looking for some free box tops?  btfe.com/free has your hook up.  Please note that this deal 5 free eBoxTops offer is valid 8/3/12-9/15/12 or until supplies have been exhausted, whichever comes first.  To get your free BoxTops you will have to provide your name, email address, date of birth and create a password.  You will also have the option to receive weekly BoxTop emails with links to school's earnings and states, bonus opportunities and money-saving coupons.  The sign up process is short and simple.  Once the request is made you should see the eBoxTops credits to your account in 2-3 days on average.  Within 2 -3 weeks, the credits will be confirmed and can be spent.  This offer is only open to legal US residents who are 18 years of age … [Read more...]

www.GMTraining.com – GM Training Program

Dealership employees, GM Corporate Employees and Supplies care required to complete GM Training online.  General Motor Employees will be forced to sign in with their username and password.  If you do not have your user name or lost it please see you Human Resource Department.  If you are a supplier to GM you will need your training person ID in order to access GMTraining.com.  In order to obtain you ID GM US field personnel/dealerships and Canadian dealerships will need their GMIN number.  Any other users will need to supply their Legacy ID and then click the "Get Person ID" button.  If you're not sure what your GMIN # is, please contact the Partner Security Coordinator or a Human Resource Manager at your dealership for help.  For those who … [Read more...]

ebill.oldnavy.com – Old Navy Cardholder Services

The Old Navy Card is issued by GE Capital Retail Bank and users can perform a variety of card related activities online with this online credit center service.  ebill.oldnavy.com requires a working Internet connection.  The service is simple to use and will require a valid email address upon sign up.  When registering please make sure you are the account holder on the card and please have the credit card in your possession.  The card number on the front of your credit card will be needed as well.  Once you have registered and are approve you will have the ability to Pay bills online, View balances, Track rewards, Enroll in Paperless Statements, Request a Second Card for your wife or husband and much more.  If you already an active card … [Read more...]

myapps.vcpi.com – Citrix XenApp

Citrix users can access their account online with their username and password.  If you have misplaced or simply forgot your Identification information please contact your support help desk toll-free at 1-800-551-1236 or by email at help@vcpi.com.  If you feel like you have a problem and it is simple in nature to fix please use the live remote-assistance tool and a team member will be able to view your computer monitor and guide you through the fix.  This program requires the use of any of the following browsers: Windows 7, Vista, XP or 2000; Windows Server 2003 or 2008; Mac OS X v10.4 or later.  Any other browsers may cause a conflict when using the Citrix system.  Java Runtime and Adobe Flash are both highly recommended as well. Citrix … [Read more...]

www.a24-7class.com – Bankruptcy Filing

Going bankrupt?  Get help with a24-7class.com today.  This bankruptcy program was designed for people who are on tight budget, have trouble making ends meet and need a website that is low-cost.  These guys are certified with the Better Business Bureau and can help take some of the stress out of filing for bankruptcy.  The service will be provided by a certified public account and certified credit counselor that has specializes knowledge of the in and outs of bankruptcy laws.  Classes are available online or by telephone.  If needed A24-7 can be reached at A 24/7 Bankruptcy Class, Inc. 6161 Blue Lagoon Drive, Suite 255B, Miami, FL 33126 or by phone at 866-412-7247.  Most of the times these classes are required for those who have filed for … [Read more...]

www.T-MobileValueCard.com – T-Mobile Card Holder Services

T-Mobile customer can access and manage their account online at the Card Holder Services web portal.  T-MobileValueCard.com is powered by Citi Group and a customer will need their card on hand in order to sign in or register.  First time users will have to register with the 16 digit card number.  This number can be found on the front of your T-Mobile card.  The service is available in both English and Spanish, you can select your language preference in the top right hand corner of the service site.  If you have any questions or run into trouble please contact Customer Service.  Customer Service inquiries may be handled by Young America.  The registration process should take no more than 5 minutes to complete.  Once registered a customer can … [Read more...]