www.LGHomeTheaterSettlement.com – LG Blu-Ray Home Theater Class Action Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit has been filed against LG Electronics claiming they did not disclose a defect related to the LG LHB975 Network Blu-ray Disc Home Theater System.  If you or someone you know purchased this home theater system you have until January 2, 2014 to file a claim in this class action lawsuit.  The case is entitled Bret Koertge, et al. v. LG Electronics USA Inc. and is in the jurisdiction of the U.S. District Court, District of New Jersey.  Class members contend that the LG LHB975 Network Blu-ray Disc Home Theater System had a design flaw that caused the mating between the wireless speakers, wireless subwoofer and the main unit to fail prematurely.  LG has denied all accusations of wrong doing but have agreed to a warranty … [Read more...]

www.VerdejoSettlement.com – Verdejo v. Vanguard Piping Systems

Plumbing is the topic of the Verdejo v. Vanguard class action lawsuit.  Plaintiffs claim that Vanguard Piping Systems manufactured and produced plumbing system fittings that were defective.  Plantiffs are claiming they suffered injuries and damages as a result of the defective plumbing fittings.  The case will be heard before the Honorable William F. Highberger in the Superior Court of the State of California (Case No. BC448383 ).  The key plantiffs representing all class members include Don and Noreen Verdejo, Christina Anderson, Davey Hernandez, William Martinez, Corinne Martinez, Karen Michaud, Takashi Nishida, Kristin Nishida, Rodney Pyle, and Kim Pyle.  Are you a potential class member?  Class members in the Verdejo Settlement include … [Read more...]

www.FullTiltPokerClaims.com – Full Tilt Poker Lawsuit Settlement

Online Poker is a multi-million dollar industry that the United States Government would love to get their hand son in the form of tax dollars.  Some day that might happen.  But for now lawsuits like this are sure to arise.  The Full Tilt Poker Claims Lawsuit is entitled United States v. PokerStars and revolves around clams that PokerStars/Full Tilt poker duped American customers out of an estimated $184 million dollars.  The case is in the jurisdiction of the Southern District Court of New York and the  Petition for Remission Process is being handled by the Asset Forfeiture Unit of the United States Attorney's .  Under the terms of the settlement Poker Stars has agreed to: forfeit $547 million and reimburse the approximately $184 million … [Read more...]

www.DieselSettlement.com – Ford 6.0 Powerstroke Class Action Lawsuit

Over the years Ford has tried hard to rid themselves of the nickname Found On Road Dead.  They have done a decent job of cleaning up their image and designing better looking trucks.  Unfortunately Ford has been hit with a class action lawsuit revolving around model year 2003-2007 Ford vehicles equipped with a 6.0-liter PowerStroke diesel engines.  If you or someone you know went in for a repair, replacement, or adjustment during Ford’s 5-year/100,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty in relation to the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (“EGR”) Cooler, Oil Cooler, Fuel Injector(s), EGR Valve or the Turbocharger you should file a claim in this case ASAP.  If approved you may receive a partial reimbursement for the parts or repairs made to your Ford … [Read more...]

KoreanAirPassengerCases.com – Korean Air Passenger Cases

The subject of today's class action lawsuit revolves around a price fixing scheme to keep airline tickets high.  The Korean Air Passenger lawsuit claims that Korean Air Lines Co., Ltd. and Asian Airlines Inc. conspired to fix prices for air passenger travel between the U.S. and the Republic of Korea.  The price fix resulted in a higher charge to the consumer when flying with these companies.  The total settlement is benefit will be $65,000,000 to be paid by Korean Air in the form of $39,000,000 in cash and $26,000,000 in coupons for future travel.  Class members will have until December 31, 2013 to file a claim.  Any claims submitted after that date will be void.   Class members will have until October 25, 2013 to object or exclude … [Read more...]

www.VioxxSettlement.com – Vioxx Consumer Settlement Program

If you or someone you know purchased Vioxx before the date of October 1st, 2004 you may be entitled to a cash payment of $50 or possible reimbursement for up to the actual out-of-pocket expenses you paid for Vioxx.  The Vioxx Settlement lawsuit revolves around claims that Merck marketed the Voxx product as having greater benefits than cheaper competitors pain medicine and this was against the FDA approved labeling policy.  Please note that if you are a Missouri resident you are not included in the Vioxx Consumer Settlement Program.  The total settlement fund has been approved for $23 million dollars.  In order to receive any type of settlement funding you must submit a claim no later than May 6th 2014.  VioxxSettlement.com is operated … [Read more...]


A class action lawsuit has been filed against the First National Bank of Pennsylvania in regards to the way they posted customers Debit Card Transactions to accounts.  The estimated amount of the Settlement Fund is $3.0 million and includes anyone who had a debit or checking account with First National between June 1, 2006 and including February 8, 2013 and incurred an Overdraft Fee as a result of First National Bank of Pennsylvania's practice of posting Debit Card Transactions from highest to lowest dollar amount.  In order to qualify you must of had two overdraft fees deducted from your account on the same day.  First National Bank of Pennsylvania maintains there is nothing wrong with the posting process used but has agreed to settlement … [Read more...]

www.ciprosettlement.com – Cipro Class Action Lawsuit

You could be eligible for a $25 cash settlement payment if you received a Cipro prescription in California between the dates of January 8, 1997 and October 31, 2004.  If you are unsure about your status as a class member you can call the Claims Administrator at 1-866-404-0135.  Please note that Third-Party Payors are eligible for up to three times the amount paid if they are insurers between January 8, 1997 and October 31, 2004. www.ciprosettlement.com is under the control by Rust Consulting.  The lawsuit claims that the Defendants violated California’s antitrust and consumer protection laws when they conspired to keep other lower cost generic version forms of Cipro off the market in the state of California causing consumers to pay more … [Read more...]

www.eMachinesRedeem.com – eMachines Floppy Drive Lawsuit Claim

All class members with a claim code certificate that is equal to $365.00 to be used to select a replacement computer and to pay the applicable sales tax.  Class members Buyers will not receive any money for unused claim amounts so try to use the entire $365 on your purchase.  Anything purchased over the max award value will be up to the buyer to pay for.  Please note that any replacement products or computers purchased on the eMachineRedeem site are not eligible for return or exchange but are still covered by the warranty from the manufacturer.  If you have any questions or concerns about these policies please dial 1-888-623-6174 or write to eMachines Settlement Administrator c/o KCC Class Action Services PO Box 43143 Providence, RI … [Read more...]

www.NakedJuiceClass.com – Naked Juice Settlement Lawsuit

The Naked Juice Class Action Lawsuit includes anyone who purchased a Naked Juice Product between September 27, 2007 to August 19, 2013.  Naked Juice is made by Pepsi and class members claim that they made false statements about the Naked Juice product.  The product claimed that it was all natural, non-GMO, and 100% fruit juice.... class members disagree with this statement.  Class members state Naked Juice is not "All Natural" and does in fact contain GMOs.  Pepsi (Naked Juice) denies all actions of wrong doing but have agreed to settlement terms.  Class members with proof of purchase could receive up to $75.00.  Class members without proof of purchase may receive up to $45 under the settlement terms of the lawsuit.  NakedJuiceClass.com is … [Read more...]