Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against GMAC Mortgage


If you paid your GMAC  home loan of early and were charged a “late fee” anytime between December 30, 2005 to the present time you are considered a class member of the GMAC Mortgage Late Fee class action lawsuit.  This lawsuit revolves around claims that GMAC imposed a fake fee when a home loan was paid off early by a customer.  So when a customer tried to do the right thing and pay their loan off early they ended up getting screwed by GMAC.  How can this “late fee” be imposed when the loan was paid of early?  This is what thousands of class members want to know.

The lawsuit states: “GMAC routinely adds a late payment charge to the schedule of amounts due when all GMAC mortgagors request a payoff letter to repay their note early… The Late Fee, consisting of 3% of the monthly loan payment due, was unlawfully included in each and every home mortgage loan paid off during the Class Period.” and these late fees were “improper and unlawful” because the customers payments “were in fact timely made.”

The case is entitled Audrey Kessler v. GMAC Mortgage, LLC, and is in the jurisdiction of the U.S. District Court, District of Massachusetts.  Audrey Kessler is the head Plaintiff.  A copy of the GMAC lawsuit can be found here.