comScore Inc. Privacy Class Action Lawsuit


The comScore Privacy lawsuit is entitled Mike Harris, et al. v. comScore, Inc and revolves around claims that comScore Inc. gathered passwords, credit card numbers and Social Security numbers from its customers without their knowledge.  The information is gathered and then sold to companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Best Buy and Yahoo.  It should be noted that the lawsuit does not include any of the companies who purchased the privacy information from comScore Inc..  The lawsuit claims comScore obtained the information when customers signed up for a sweepstakes or a free software offer.  To sign up for these offers or sweepstakes a customer had to provide private information. Once the private information was obtained comScore sold it for a profit…. a nice profit. 

The lawsuit also claims that screensavers and games, offered by comScore Inc., once downloaded would modify a customers firewall and allow comSocre access to secure private files within the computer.  Once the firewall is brethced it is pretty much impossbile to rid the computer of the software or so the lawsuit claims. 

Privacy lawsuit are becoming far to common in the age of technology, please be very careful about giving your private information out over the web.  The comScore Inc. Privacy Class Action Lawsuit is in the jurisdiction of the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois.   No claim form is available at this time.  Please check back for updates.