CyberDefender Software Class Action Lawsuit

The CyberDefender Software class action lawsuit revolves around claims that CyberDefender sold virus removal software that did not actually remove any relevant viruses but instead slowed the computers down.  Accoridng to report a third party independent security servicefound that “after a fresh installation of Windows XP on a clean virtual PC, never connected to the Internet, Registry Cleaner detected over 151 errors on the pristine PC.”.  When customers called to complain about the software they were refused any sort of help and were told “that their money is being refunded yet never actually processed the refund, placed consumers on hold for extended periods, told customers that another representative sill send them an email that was not in fact sent, refused to allow the customer to speak with a supervisor, failed to process the full amount of the refund, and provided inaccurate information in connection with refund requests” via the class action complaint. 

If you lived in the United States and purchased CyberDefender Software you are possible a class member of the lawsuit.  The CyberDefender Software Class Action Lawsuit is seeking lawsuit action and relief under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, violations of California’s Unfair Competition Law and False Advertising Law.  A potential class member of the CyberDefender lawsuit can read a copy of the lawsuit here.