Dream Water Scam Lawsuit


Dream Water and Sarpes Beverages are in some deep water over claims that that their product does not live up to its advertisement.  Dream Water is advertised as a sleep aid that will help the customer become relax, fall asleep and or stay asleep.  Dream Water cost $20.00 for a six pack!  That is $3.33 per bottle.  This stuff better work for that price… but the Dream Water Scam Class Action Lawsuit contends it is misleading and there is no research to support these claims.  Dream Water claims that their product works better than many popular sleep aids and is a “safe and effective cure for sleep disorders.”

The lawsuit class disagrees:

“Dream Water, according to Defendant, has no side effects and provides its amazing sleep benefits without making users feel groggy or drowsy the next day like other over-the-counter and prescription sleep aids. Although Defendant uses images and language to represent that these claims about its products have been clinically proven and endorsed by medical organizations and professionals, the reality is that Defendant has no such support for its baseless representations. Defendant simply is and has been misrepresenting the effectiveness of its products to the general public, in order to reap windfall profits,”

One of the main ingredients in Dream Water is melatonin.  Dream Water contends that this added ingredient assist people in feeling more relax and ables them to fall asleep and stay asleep.

The class action suit claims that  melatonin is not safe:

“”In reality, Defendant has no support whatsoever for these claims,” the class action lawsuit says. “It has conducted no studies examining the safety or effectiveness of its ‘proprietary’ combination of the effective ingredients in the Dream Water products let alone the products themselves. Defendant is simply selling snake-oil as a purported cure for one of the most important health problems faced by millions of Americans.”

The Dream Water lawsuit is entitled Joe Ferris v. Dream Products, LLC and Sarpes Beverages, LLC and includes anyone who has ever purchased Dream Water.  The case will be heard in the Superior Court for the State of California, County of San Diego.  A copy of the Dream Water Scam Lawsuit  can be read HERE.