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Sony Electronic offers some of the best customer service known to mankind, no joke.  These guys must go to school to become customer service agents they are so good.  If you ever have a problem with a Sony product is the place to go.  For new Sony Product repairs please have you’re the product model number, the purchase date, and the zip code in which the product was purchased.  For existing repairs please have the Event ID or Work Order Number in order to proceed with your search.  Examples of the event id or word order number include E00000000 (Event ID – 9 characters), V0000000 (Work Order Number – 8 characters), W0000000 (Work Order Number – 12 characters).  TV, computers, headphones, CD players, cameras and camcorders are all common products that require Sony eServices. 

If you just need help getting a product to work Sony eServices provides helpful tutorial instructions.  Even my Grandma could figure out how to use the most complicated device with these easy to understand tutorials.  Video tutorials are available for certain products as well.  If the product is not that hard to use or not that popular you will most likely not find a tutorial for it. 

Consumer Electronics call 1-239-768-7547              

PlayStation Devices & PSP call 1-800-345-7669    

VAIO Computers call  1-239-768-7545