Facebook Like Button Class Action Lawsuit

Facebook is facing another lawsuit… so whats new?  The  Facebook “Like” Button Class Action Lawsuit revolves around the “Like” button and claims that FB plantED tracking cookies on the computers of both members and non-members of Facebook… in other words Facebook used the like button to spy on you.  The Facebook class action lawsuit accuses the popular social media site of using its “Like” button on third-party websites in order to collect users’ browsing information.  According to the lawsuit the user did not even have to clcik on thebutton and they did not have to be Facebook members in order for the privacy violation to work.  We have been trying to get the like button on this website for some time but keep getting turned down from FB, maybe its for the best.  

The lead plantiff in the lawsuit is David Cohen, and it is entitled David Cohen v. Facebook (case #BC444482).  He argues that there has been more than one million instances where Facebook has misappropriated a minor’s name or likeness for profit.  When a teenager sees that their Facebook friends ‘Like’ an ad, it piques their curiosity, making them more likely to click the ad or visit the page,” says Los Angeles plaintiff attorney John Torjesen of John C. Torjesen & Associates. “We believe it is a clear case of exploitation of children for the sake of profits.”.  While that may be true in some sense do you really think it is a payable lawsuit?  Facebook denies all wrongdoing and states. “We believe this suit is completely without merit and we will fight it vigorously. The complaint misunderstands the law, it’s intent and the way Facebook works. For example, plaintiffs assert that minors are marketing Facebook through search engines but we do not allow minors to include their profiles in search engines,”.