Google and Slide Disco SMS Text Message Class Action Lawsuit Complaint

Google & Slide are facing a potential class action lawsuit over claims that they allowed customers to spam to send massive amounts of SMS text messages to large groups of people en masse using one cellular telephone number provided by Defendants and that Defendants allegedly sent text messages to consumers who did not want them.  The amount of spam text some cell phones to jam up and not function properly.  There are reports of over 100 text messages being received in a single day.

The case is entitled Bret L. Lusskin, Jr. v. Google, Inc. and Slide, Inc., Class Action Case No. 11-2585 and is in the jurisdiction of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

The following is a example of a type of spam text in question on this lawsuit:

Hi [gloup member], it’s [group creator]. Welcome to Disco!
I just added you to “[group name].
Reply to join our chat or text *who for roster.
Disco is a group texting service.
Standard SMS rates may apply
or chat for FREE w/ our app -
More info? Text *help To quit? Text *leave

Anyone could be considered a potential class member in the Google and Slide Disco SMS Text Message Class Action Lawsuit Complaint if the following conditions exist: (1) received a text message directly from the Disco group texting service that was not sent by a Disco group leader or another member of a Disco group, and (2) all persons who opted-out of a Disco texting group within 24-hours of receipt of an initiating text message or who was a member of a Disco texting group that was closed within 24-hours of its creation.  A copy of the lawsuit can be found and read here.