Highbeam Research Marketing Scam Class Action Suit


The Highbeam Research Marketing Scam Class Action Suit claims that “negative option marketing” using “Free-to-Pay” conversion duped customers into memberships or subscriptions they don’t want and didn’t sign up for.  “Free-to-Pay” conversion marketing in layman terms is essentially billing customers for a service when the customer does not take the affirmative steps to cancel a free trail offer.  The case is entitled Robert Bagg, et al. v. Highbeam Research, Inc.; The Gale Group, Inc.; and Cengage Learning, Inc.

The lawsuit states “”Defendants’ predatory business model utilizes a host of highly misleading, confusing, unlawful, deceptive and unfair acts or practices that deceived and are likely to deceive consumers” into unknowingly and automatically enrolling in “unauthorized yearly or monthly memberships or subscriptions in which the Defendants charge and continue to charge consumers’ credit cards without their knowledge, information or consent,”

Free to pay marketing is now under investigation by the US Senate due to overwhelming complaints from concerned customers.  The class is seeking an  amount of at least $25 along with other means of relief.  A complete copy of the Highbeam Research Marketing lawsuit can be found HERE.