– Merchants Integrity Test


The Merchants Integrity Test can be accessed with your username at the Merchants Information Solutions Integrity Test web portal.  The test should only take a few minutes to take and is fairly simple.  MIC Inc. is a leader in Identity Theft Prevention & Recovery and Employment & Resident Screening services.  Credit reports, criminal database searches, and eviction reports are required and will be checked instantly.  The County Criminal search will take about one to three days.  Merchants Information Solutions is regulated and guided by federal and state law and is compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The credit reports used by Merchants Information Solutions are from the Experian credit agency.  Order will be accepted by email, fax or phone but a $5 processing fee will be charged for each of these types of order methods.  It is recommended that a user sign in to their resident screening account and submit the order online to avoid the $5 processing fee.  Online orders are also more timely.