– Build Your Credit History


If you need a boost in your credit rating consider a Secured credit card which is an excellent way to establish a positive credit history.  These credit cards are specifically made for people without credit history.  Individuals that have a bad credit rating should also consider a Secured credit card through  If you have a very good credit score please move on as this site is not for you.  The Capital Bank secured credit cards is pretty much like any other credit card accept that your purchases and payments are reported to the  three major credit bureaus.  This helps you build credit quickly.  The card comes with an FDIC insured security deposit.  Credit reports are provided to the three major bureaus monthly or every 30 days.

This card is not for everyone, in order to be eligible you must be 18 years of age or older, must be able to verify your identity, you must be a legal resident of the USA and have a SSN # and you must be able to fund a security deposit.  The security deposit is refundable if your account is in good standing when closed.  The security deposit is required to protect Capital Bank in case of a default.  Your credit limit will be determined by the user.  The minimum amount to have on the card is $200.  The maximum amount to put on the card is $3000.  Please note after 120 days of use you may be able to raise your limit to $5000 if certain criteria are meet.  Please contact a customer service representative for more information on raising your credit limit after 120 days.  Once a user applies for the card it should arrive in two to three weeks assuming your application is approved.  For a $50 fee that will get the card to you sooner.  Most people should just wait the 3 weeks.  A$50 annual fee is associated with the card.