Lexus/Toyota HVAC Evaporator Class Action Lawsuit


If you bought or leased a Lexus or Toyota model with a HVAC evaporator defect from 2006 through the present time you might be a class member of the Lexus/Toyota HVAC Evaporator Class Action Lawsuit.  This lawsuit revolves around claims that the vehicles mentioned in the lawsuit had defective HVAC evaporators whose coatings would peels off and blow into the cabin as toxic aluminum hydroxide.  This is not good.  The lawsuit claims that Lexus/Toyota knew about this defect and offered up proof in a form of a letter they sent customers.  The letter read:  “Due to unexpected corrosion of HVAC evaporators, some owners of Lexus vehicles may experience aluminum hydroxide emitting from the ventilation system. Aluminum hydroxide is widely used in digestive medicines as antacid. Our understanding is that aluminum is not accumulated in the human body so that aluminum excess intake does not produce any harmful effects on the body.”

The lawsuit is entitled Dr. David Yu, et al. v. Lexus U.S.A., et al., and is in the juridaiction of the U.S. District Court, District of New Jersey.  A full copy of the Lexus/Toyota HVAC Evaporator Class Action Lawsuit can be read here.