– Life of Alabama Class Action Settlement


 J.C. Holt, et al., v. Life Insurance Company of Alabama is under the rule of the Circuit Court of Franklin County, Alabama and claims that Life of Alabama breached its contracts with Class Members by paying benefits based on the amount accepted by the health care provider and not based on the amount actually charged or the usual and customary charge.  If you filed a a supplemental cancer insurance policy claim on or after August 31, 2004 you are considered a class member of the Life of Alabama Class Action lawsuit. 

When is the fairness hearing?  The fairness hearing will be on October 19, 2011 at the Franklin County Courthouse in Russellville, Alabama.

Settlement?  Life of Alabama has agreed upon a $5,500,000 settlement fund.  The settlements will be payable by cash to eligible class member.

Claim Form?  There is NOT  a claim form to file. Class action members eligible for cash awards will have a check issued to their address automatically.

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Contact information in the Life of Alabama Class Action Lawsuit is as follows:

Life of Alabama Settlement
2224 1st Avenue North
Birmingham, AL 35203