– MCNC E-Learning

Employees will have to complete the MCNC E-Learning rules and guidelines powered by Skillsoft before beginning work at the casino.  This training course will help employees better understand their job and help them make correct decisions over wrong ones.  Required  courses and rules include compensated at my current rate of pay for completing Core courses while on casino property.  All non required courses can be completed off the clock at the cost of the employee.  These courses are optional and are not required but are recommended if you want to get a jump on other employees for future promotions.  Please complete these courses on your own and do not cheat or have someone else do them for you.  A user ID will be needed in order to start the program.  If you do not have a user ID please see your supervisor as soon as possible.

Skillsoft is a popular is a e-Learning employee tool that many business use across the world.  Courses include  business skills, leadership skills training, project management skills training, and IT certification.  This software is not cheap but it is the best software of its class.  It is recommended for both small and medium size businesses… large businesses like Boeing or The Federal Government will want to look at other options to train their employees.