– McWorld Happy Meal


McWorld Happy Meal is a site designed for kids where kids rule.  Upon visiting you will be asked to select a “just visiting”, “I want to join” or “I’m a member” icon in order to proceed.  If you just want to play a few games and leave select the just visiting option.  If you would like to play games and come back for more pick the I want to join icon.  If you wish to come back and keep track of your toon we suggest you sign up.  You will be asked to create an “Mpal”.  You can choose a shirt, pants, and a hat.  Once this has been accomplished you will have to provide a user name (not your real name please) and a secret password.  This will allow for McWorld to keep track of your Mpal when you return to the site later.  Overall the site should be really fun for all kids and maybe adults.