www.eMachinesRedeem.com – eMachines Floppy Drive Lawsuit Claim

All class members with a claim code certificate that is equal to $365.00 to be used to select a replacement computer and to pay the applicable sales tax.  Class members Buyers will not receive any money for unused claim amounts so try to use the entire $365 on your purchase.  Anything purchased over the max award value will be up to the buyer to pay for.  Please note that any replacement products or computers purchased on the eMachineRedeem site are not eligible for return or exchange but are still covered by the warranty from the manufacturer.  If you have any questions or concerns about these policies please dial 1-888-623-6174 or write to eMachines Settlement Administrator c/o KCC Class Action Services PO Box 43143 Providence, RI … [Read more...]

www.NakedJuiceClass.com – Naked Juice Settlement Lawsuit

The Naked Juice Class Action Lawsuit includes anyone who purchased a Naked Juice Product between September 27, 2007 to August 19, 2013.  Naked Juice is made by Pepsi and class members claim that they made false statements about the Naked Juice product.  The product claimed that it was all natural, non-GMO, and 100% fruit juice.... class members disagree with this statement.  Class members state Naked Juice is not "All Natural" and does in fact contain GMOs.  Pepsi (Naked Juice) denies all actions of wrong doing but have agreed to settlement terms.  Class members with proof of purchase could receive up to $75.00.  Class members without proof of purchase may receive up to $45 under the settlement terms of the lawsuit.  NakedJuiceClass.com is … [Read more...]

www.AutoTextSettlement.com – Woodman vs ADP Dealer Lawsuit Settlement

If You Received an Unsolicited Text Message Advertisement Regarding Car Price Quotes you may be eligible for a $100 cash settlement under the terms of the Woodman vs ADP Dealer Lawsuit Settlement.  The settlement fund is being reported at $7.5 and class members will have until November 11, 2013 to file a claim.  The deadline to exclude yourself or object to the settlement has been set as October 21, 2013.  Here is an example of a text message a class member might have received under this lawsuit:  "Your friend just sent you a great deal on a car! Instant quote. Goto http://hiddencarprices.com/?p=3072203565 and enter promo code 2390 to view now!".  Class members claim that these text messages were in violation of the federal Telephone … [Read more...]

www.AppleWarrantySettlement.com – Apple iPhone/iPod touch Warranty Lawsuit

The Apple Warrany Settlement (Pennington, et al. v. Apple, Inc.) revolves around Apple’s one-year limited warranty or AppleCare Protection Plan in relation to their iPhone or iPod touch.  Owners of an iPhone or iPod that needed repair or replacement in the United States before for your iPhone on or before December 31, 2009, OR for your iPod touch on or before June 30, 2010 may be a part of this massive $53 million lawsuit settlement.  The class member claim they were wrongfully denied warranty coverage because Apple stated that the iPhone or iPod touch had been damaged by liquid.  Apple has not admitted to any wrong doing but have agreed to settle to avoid burdensome and costly litigation.  The case is in the jurisdiction of the Superior … [Read more...]

www.njgymsettlement.com – Martina v LA Fitness

If between February 28, 2006 through March 31 2012 you cancelled your LA Fitness monthly membership you might be a part of this class action lawsuit.  The NJ Gym Settlement also include those who into a fitness service agreement with New Jersey L.A. Fitness anytime between February 28, 2006 through March 31 2012.  The lawsuit revolves around claims that LA Fitness violated the New Jersey Truth-in-Consumer Contract, Notice, and Warranty Act (aka TCCWNA).  The class members claim that certain aspects of the contracts allegedly contained provisions that are contrary to and in violation of state law.  L.A. Fitness strongly denies any actions of wrong doing.  The case is pending out of the U.S. District Court District of New Jersey and Case … [Read more...]

www.PriceFuelSettlement.com – BP Tainted Gas Class Lawsuit

Price v. BP Products North America Inc includes anyone who purchased gas in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin or Ohio from August 13, 2012, through September 7, 2012 from certain BP Retail Outlets.  If you purchased gas and experienced problems or had to make repairs you might be entitled to a nice cash payment as a result of the BP Tainted Gas Class Lawsuit Settlement.  The lawsuit revolves around 4.7 million gallons of tainted gasoline that had to be recalled by BP.  Class members claim that this gasoline caused engine problems which resulted in costly repairs.  You can find a list of gas stations that sold the tainted glass here.  There are a total of two classes in the case and are follows:  Subclass A – Reimbursement for … [Read more...]

www.njviolationsettlement.com – NJ Violation Class Action Lawsuit

The Telliho v. East Windsor Township and American Traffic Solutions, Inc. Lawsuit claims that the New Jersey Red Light Camera Statute was violated by the defendants (American Traffic Solutions, Inc.) in the case.  What is this NJ Statue you might ask?  The New Jersey Red Light Camera Statute states that authorized certain areas in the state of New Jersey to use a red light camera monitoring systems and issue Notices of Violation to vehicles who ran a red light.  These cameras were not maned a the person who the auto was registered  to would receive a ticket within a few weeks of the violation.  The case is under the jurisdiction of the United States District Court, District of New Jersey and includes anyone who paid a fee or fine in … [Read more...]

www.ResourceLifeSettlement.com – Dorothy Buckner v. Resource Life Insurance Company

The Resource Life Insurance Company class action lawsuit revolves around claims that RLIC prepaid premiums that were not refunded when loans were paid of early.  Resource Life denies any action of wrong doing but has agreed to settlement terms in order to avoid further cost.  The case will be heard by Superior Court Judge Douglas Pullen in the Superior Court of Mescogee County.  If you had a RLIC insurance policy between the dates of January 23, 1998 to August 11, 2010 you may be a class member in this lawsuit.  The Court has approved a contingent fee payment of 33 and 1/3% of the Settlement Fund to paid to the attorneys who represented the class members.  This is compensation for their work and time in relation to filing the lawsuit and … [Read more...]

www.TurboTaxClassAction.com – Turbo Tax Fee Lawsuit Settlement

If you used the Turbo Tax online software to file taxes between the dates of JANUARY 12, 2008 and MAY 28, 2013 and agreed to have charges deducted from your tax return you might be a part of the Turbo Tax Fee Lawsuit Settlement.  Please note that the lawsuit also includes people who paid tax preparation fees or e-filing fees.  The lawsuit is entitled Smith et al. v. Intuit, Inc and claims that Turbo Tax violated California and federal consumer protection laws in connection with the Refund Processing Service offered through the online version of TurboTax when they charged customers deceptive fees related to the their tax returns.  More information about the case can be requested by writing to: TurboTax Class Action Settlement … [Read more...]

www.FarmerClaims.gov – Hispanic and Women Farmers and Ranchers Claims

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is the center of the Hispanic and Women Farmers and Ranchers lawsuit claiming alleged discrimination based on being a female, or based on being Hispanic.  The discrimination is in relation to being a women or Hispanic and attempting to get farm loans during certain periods between 1981 and 2000.  Class members of the lawsuit could receive up to $50,000 or up to $250,000 in cash and an additional amount, equal to 25% of the combined cash award plus the principal amount of debt relief, to help pay federal taxes that may be owed.  The total amount set aside for payments under the Farmer Claims lawsuit is $1.33 billion.  To check the status of a claim please go here.  Please be sure to have your tracking and … [Read more...]