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To access Bimbo Bakeries USA online please have your username and password on hand.  You will also be required to pick your assigned realm, either BBU East User or BBU West User.  Bimbo Bakeries makes, distributes and markets bread, cakes and delicious cookies.  Some of the recommended items they produce include: snack cakes, bagels, English muffins, chips, cookies, donuts and of course cakes!  Some of the more popular brands a customer might recognize associated with Bimbo are Sara Lee, Ball Park Buns, Boboli, Tia Rosa and Earth Grains.  If you own your own business and are interested selling some Bimbo Bakery products please call toll-free 800.259.7610.  With a strong customer following you are sure to make many sales.  In order to become a Distributor Bimbo will require you to complete a credit application and release of information to determine if you qualify for financing.  Please note that not everyone who applies will be accepted.  You must be a legal business, a valid driver’s license, a handheld computer, a delivery auto and insurance coverage, a good credit rating and a tax and bookkeeping staff.  If accepted into the business you will be responsible for maintaining an adequate and fresh supply of products within all customer outlets in the distribution area and complete other required task bound by the distribution agreement with Bimbo Bakeries Distribution Company.  No one said this was going to be easy!

Bimbo Bakeries USA was founded in 1994 and entered the bread market with the acquisition of Pacific Pride Bakeries of San Diego.  Their best-selling items include Thomas’ English muffins and Boboli pizza bread.  They employ over 15,000 people and have locations in 7,000 sales routes throughout the USA.  If you’re looking for a reliable baking distributor partnership these are your guys!