Sharper Image Gift Card Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

If you or someone you know had a The Sharper Image Gift Card issued on or before February 19, 2008 you could be a class member of the Sharper Image Gift Card Class Action Lawsuit out of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware .  Sharper Image filed for bankruptcy but should the gift card holders still be entitled to redeem the dollar amounts left on the gift card from Sharper Image?  This is what the lawsuit was about.  According to the District Court of Delaware anyone who had a gift card is entitled to a settlement as long as a claim form is filed timely.  This is case number Case No. 08-10322. If possible please submit a photo copy of the gift card (front and back) with the claim form. 

If you do not have the Sharper Image gift card you can still submit a claim but you will not be guaranteed a cash settlement.  If any money remains, those who submitted claims without copies of their Gift Cards will receive a pro rated share of the remaining settlement funds, but will be limited to receiving no more than $100.  Those who do submit copies of the gift card will be entitled to receive the remaining balance on the card as long as it does not surpass $2,245.  This lawsuit will resolve a class action lawsuit filed in Bankruptcy Court after Sharper Image filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2008.  Claim forms and other cour related documents can be found here: