– $400 Airline Ticket

Flex Perks Travel Rewards with US Bank allow a customer to get up to a $400 airline ticket when they accumulate 20,000 flexpoints.  This VISA Signature Card is perfect for those who enjoy traveling.  A customer will also earn at least 2500 FlexPoints by spending $25000 in 5 months.  Please note that Forbes Magazine named the EMV card as one of the top picks for making you life easier,  The EMV microchip provides increased security and acceptance when traveling abroad.  This makes the US Bank FlexPerks cards one of the best on the market today.  A few more popular features include one flex point for every dollar spend, double flex points on special categories you spend the most money on and triple points for every net dollar you give in charitable donations.

Points can be redeemed for airline tickets, hotel and travel packages, gift cards and merchandise.  A $25 travel allowance is awarded with every ticket for baggage fees and in flight food.  The in flight food might not be available with every air line.  Please call ahead in order to determine if food is available.  Travel rewards start at 20,000 points on more than 150 airlines!  PLUS you will earn 3500 FlexPoints as a bonus when you spend $24,000 or more on the card!  The perks never stop coming with this card.