Vector Marketing Sales Representative Wage Lawsuit Settlement

The Vector Marketing Training Time class action lawsuit settlement has finally been agreed upon.  The amount of the settlement is $13 million according to the settlement agreement.  The lawsuit revolved around Vector not paying minimum wages to its sales representatives… ouch!  The lawsuit is entitled Harris v. Vector Marketing Corporation and includes anyone who signed a Sales Representative Agreement in California with Vector Marketing between the time frame of October 15, 2004 and April 6, 2011.  Each class member will receive a settlement of $57 to $75 under the settlement terms.

There are two (2) settlement subclasses: (1) the Training Time Subclass and (2) the Sample Kit Subclass.  

Important dates are as follows:  In order to collect a settlement in the Vector Marketing Sales Representative Wage lawsuit a claim form must be filed by July 8, 2011.  The form must be signed.  All objections are due by June 23, 2011.  The settlement fairness hearing is set for August 10, 2011. 

The settlement notice can be found here: