www.accessmcd.com – McDonald’s Crew Account Online


Crew members of McDonald’s can access their account online with their username and password.  This portal is made for McDonald’s managers, O/O and Staff and Corporate users.  A user also has the ability to sign in from their Windows live account.  This portal is very easy to use and is available in 7 different languages.  Being a member of the McDonald’s “crew” means you must be a team player and understand how valuable team work and communication is in the fast food industry.  MCD crew members will focus on Customer Service, Food Preparation and Cleanliness & Hygiene and strive to be the best employee they can be.  Crew members also reap the rewards for being a team players.  Rewards include paid vacations, free health care after 3 years of service, annual pay reviews, meal allowances, restaurant performance-related bonuses, the option to take part in the Stakeholder Pension Scheme and much more!

McDonald’s is the number fast food restaurant in the world and are known for their famous fries and Big Macs.  They can be found on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol MCD.  They claims to serve between 60 to 70 million customers and have location in over 100 countries around the globe.  Besides hamburgers and fries they also service chicken, fish, ice cream, cookies and have an extensive breakfast menu.  Happy Meals are extremely popular with children as they will receive a toy in each box.