www.AnthemFeeSettlement.com – Anthem Blue Cross Paper Bill Fee Class Lawsuit

The Anthem Blue Cross Paper Bill Fee Class Lawsuit is entitled Andrea Kreuzhage et al. v. Blue Cross of California et al and revolves around claims that illegal fees were charged in relation to billing statements by Anthem Blue Cross.  It is estimated that over 600,000 Anthem Blue Cross policyholders will be included in this class action lawsuit.  A class member in this lawsuit is defined as anyone who between the dates of September 27, 2007 through December 10, 2012 paid a $2 paper bill fee and were a subscriber of an individual health plan or policy issued by Anthem L&H or Blue Cross. Class members will be paid $4.2 million in refunds and another $20 million in savings to eligible policyholders.  Unlike most class action lawsuit no claim form is required in the case.  AnthemFeeSettlement.com allows a class member to login with their username and password.  The case will be tried in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles.  All eligible class members will automatically receive a settlement payment unless they exclude themselves from the case.