www.AtrazineSettlement.com – Atrazine Contaminated Water Lawsuit Settlement

Syngenta is the subject of a class action lawsuit claiming drinking water provided by the company contained the weed killer Atrazine.  Imagine pouring an ice cold glass of water after a hard days work only to be drinking a weed killer chemical!  This chemical is used to control and eliminate weeds on corn, sorghum and sugar cane, it is not made for human consumption.  The lawsuit is entitled City of Greenville v. Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc., and Syngenta AG (www.AtrazineSettlement.com) and Syngenta denies any wrongdoing in the case.  The settlement amount is proposed at $105 million dollars to be distributed to Community Water Systems users who file timely claim forms.  The lawsuit dates back to 2010 and is Case Number 3:10-cv-00188-JPG-PMF.  A settlement fairness hearing will be held on 10/22/2012 to decide if the settlement is fair and reasonable among other things.  The hearing will start at 1:30pm and you are not required to attend the hearing in order to participate in the settlement.

Class members are considered any Community Water System (CWS) in the U.S that can show a measurable amount of Atrazine was found in the water supply through a qualifying test result.  The settlement amount any one class member will receive has not yet been determined and will depend on several factors such as the number of claims filed and how long ago and how much atrazine was detected in your water.

All class members must file a valid claim form by August 28, 2012 in order to participate in the settlement.  All exclusions and objections to the Atrazine Contaminated Water Lawsuit Settlement are due no later than August 28, 2012.  Please see the class administrators portal for more information on how to file an objection or exclusion request.  A class member can also write to Syngenta Settlement Administrator, P.O. Box 2002, Chanhassen, MN 55317-2002 for more information about the case.  The settlement notice, long from notice and the joint motion for preliminary approval can be found at the website as well.  The Honorable J. Phil Gilbert has been assigned to this class action lawsuit hearing.