www.AZCourtPay.com – Arizona Courts Online Payment

Looking to make a payment to the Arizona Court?  The Arizona Courts Online Payment service will allow you to do just that.  The service is free of charge and is operated by the state of Arizona.  To make a payment please have your  notice, case or installment plan number on hand.  If you lost your number or do not have a number please check the Public Access to Court Case Information database to obtain it.  Once you have entered the number you will be required to select the case or installment plan you wish to pay if you have more than one.  The notice number will be 10 digits long and look like this example: 01 03724 00134.  The case number will be 6 digits long and may have two letters in front of it, see this example: TR123456 or 123456.  Please note that this online payment service only accepts Visa or MasterCard!  Any other credit card like American Express or Discover will be rejected.  Once a payment has been made please print the confirmation page provided.  The confirmation page can also be mailed upon request.

Also note that AZCourtPay.com only displays court financial obligations approved for online payments and not every fine is approved to be paid online. You might have other fines with the Arizona courts.  Please check with them for accuracy.  Arizona Courts Online Payment is simple to use and should only take about 2 minutes to make a payment if you have all the information on hand.  The Arizona Supreme Court is not responsible for any flaws the service might have such as down time.  It is still your responsibility to make sure the fine is paid within the allotted time frame.  Any questions or concerns about your case should be directed to your local court where the case is filed.