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By California State Law food handlers must have a Cali Food Handler card in order to prepare and handle food.  If you’re a cook in the state of California you need one of these cards.  Lucky for you they are not that hard to obtain.  The state will give you a grace period of 30 days to obtain your card once you have been hired.  If you do not obtain the card within 30 days you are in violation of California state law and are risking your job. 

To get a card, food handlers must complete a simple training class and then pass an easy exam with a 70% score or better.   The  test will take approximately 60 minutes to 90 minutes to complete and is offered in both English and Spanish.  The exam and training are not free.  Please see program details for pricing.  Good luck.


ServSafe offers both online and classroom-style training covering five key areas:

  • basic food safety
  • personal hygiene
  • cross-contamination and allergens
  • time and temperature
  • cleaning and sanitation.