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The Gold Stock Adviser is a newsletter designed to help a customer profit by trading Gold.  The newsletter is offered in association with Newsmax and comes with a yearly price tag of $99.   If you have purchased a subscription and no longer want it please cancel immediately by phone, email, mail or online.   Please note that if you have already cancelled your subscription by mail, phone or email than there is no need to visit the CancelGoldStock website.  The newsletter comes with a prorated guaranteed refund that allows a customer to get their money back on the amount of time left on the subscription.  So for example if you sign up for 12 months at $100 and have used 6 months and then cancel… your refund should be $50.  To cancel your subscription please have your 10 digit phone number on hand as it will be needed to start the cancellation process.  If you do not cancel Newsmax will automatically renew your purchased subscription for the next full year.

The online cancellation process only takes a few minutes to complete but some customers are reporting that the site will not take their cancellation request.  If you find this is happening to your it is best to contact Newsmax directly by phone and speak with a customer service agent.  David Skarica is the editor of the Gold Stock Adviser and also contributes to the Financial Intelligence Report, Moneynews.com, Canadian MoneySaver and Investors Digest of Canada, a contributor to TimingWallStreet and Kitco.  He claims to be an expert in Gold but many people are finding out this is not true.