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Overtime, meal breaks, and rest breaks are the topics of controversy in the California Institute of Technology Class Action Lawsuit.  The lawsuit states that workers at Caltech’s locations in California were denied meal breaks, rest breaks, and overtime in violation of California law.  If you worked at Caltech between July 13, 2006 through April 14, 2011 you might be a class member of this lawsuit. 

Caltech denies all claims of wrongdoing in the lawsuit.  A $1.7 million settlement fund is being reported for those who filed eligible claim forms before August 26, 2011.  Any individual settlement payment depends on the amount of valid claim forms submitted and approved by the courts. 

 The final approval hearing is set for October 3, 2011 where the court will decide if the settlement is fair among other things.  The fairness hearing will be held at the Los Angeles County Superior Court, located at 111 N. Hill St., Los Angeles, CA 90012.  Please notify the courts if you wish to speak at the hearing.  If you filed a claim and would like to track the status of the form please go HERE.  Your claim form should be available within 24 hours if you filed online or 1 to 2 weeks if you filed by mail. 

The California Institute of Technology Class Action Lawsuit website can be found at:  www.CitSettlement.com