www.CyberDefenderSettlement.com – Thurman v. CyberDefender Corporation Claim Form


The deadline for filing a claim in the Thurman v. CyberDefender Corporation class action lawsuit is not far off.  We have been getting a ton of emails about how to file a claim the Cyber Defnder Lawsuit.  It is really simple to file a claim:

Just go HERE and provide the required information – name, address, stuff like that. 

Claim forms MUST be in by 10-13-11 so don’t delay.  www.CyberDefenderSettlement.com allows Class Members to view and print a customized postage-prepaid Claim Form in PDF format.  If your claim form is approved you will receive a settlement check of $10.00.  A total settlement fund of $9,750,000.00 has been developed. 

The final approval hearing is scheduled for September 13, 2011.  Thanks for reading and please stop emailing us asking how to file a claim! 🙂

Thurman, et. al v. CyberDefender Corporation, Case No. 11 CH 16779