www.disneyphotopass.com – Disney’s PhotoPass

If your going to visit Disney World and are into taking pictures it is recommended you check out the Disney’s PhotoPass online web portal.  This service is provided by Disney and allows a user to collect and view all of your Disney photos online.  Upon your arrival at Disney request a PHOTO PASS card.  This card will be used by the professionally trained photographers around the park when they take a picture of your family or group.  Present the card whenever you stop for a photo and the photos will be available online at disneyphotopass.com within 30 days.  Once the photos have been uploaded online you can edit, share and create cool products with the service.   This is a must have for all fans of Disney who are into pictures and saving memories.  The Disney Photo Card can be requested from any of the photographers walking around the park.  The card is free of charge and is the size of a credit card.  Please note that online registration is required in order to view and order photos.  If you find yourself with more than one card at the end of your trip (any many people do) simply request all the photos be moved over to one card.

Popular products that can be created using this Disney’s PhotoPass include:  a photo CD, a photo book, the ability to turn the photos into stickers, a picture mug, a mouse pad with the desired photo on it, a canvas print of the photo, a Christmas ornament and much more!  The site is simple to use and will require a valid email address to sign up.  If you have ordered photos and would like to check the status please sign in your account online and click “My Account” which appears at the top right hand corner of the screen.  Then click on the “order history” tab to view any current or pass order.  Have fun at Disney!