www.EnergySettlement.com – Wise, et al. v. Energy Plus Holdings

If you were a customer of Energy Plus Holdings LLC or Energy Plus Natural Gas LLC in the states of New York, Maryland, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, or Massachusetts up to October 15, 2012 you may be part of a major class action lawsuit against Energy Plus.  The Energy Settlement revolves around claims that Energy Plus violated the laws when making misleading representations to consumers and that Energy Plus did not make their rates known because they were higher than prevailing market rates.  Please note that this lawsuit does not include Energy Plus Holdings LLC and Energy Plus Natural Gas LLC.  The defendants deny any and all actions of wrong doing but have agreed to settlement terms.  The current proposed settlement is each class member will receive a check for between $6 and $101 dollars or a gift card.  If the class member picks the gift certificate the certificate will rounded up to the nearest $5.00.  For example if your entitled to a $26 cash payment the gift certificate would be in the  amount of $30.  The gift certificate is the better value but cash is always good too.

You can file the claim form online at the Settlement Administrator website or call 1-888-344-6711 and request the form be mailed to you.  ALL clam forms are due by July 24, 2013 regardless of the way you file the claim.  The case is entitled Wise v. Energy Plus Holdings LLC and is Civil Number 11-7345.

The case will be heard in the U.S. District Court Southern District of New York.  All class members who opt to stay in the lawsuit will be represented by the law firm of D. Greg Blankinship Meiselman, Packman, Nealon, Scialabba & Baker P.C.  Energy Plus has hired the law firm of Duane Morris LLP to protect their interest.