www.ExpressDSLSpeedSettlement.com – AT&T Express DSL Speed Class Action Lawsuit

If you are a current or former AT&T and/or SBC Express DSL  customer in the states of Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and Texas you will want to read more about the AT&T Express DSL Speed Class Action Lawsuit styled Schmidt v. AT&T and SBC Internet Services, Inc at ExpressDSLSpeedSettlement.com.  The lawsuit claims that AT&T failed to provide DSL service at the speeds promised in the contract.  Few things in life are more annoying than a slow Internet connection.  The lawsuit settlement will provide $8 to each eligible class member for each month their DSL service was slower than promised.  The lawsuit goes on to claim that AT&T capped customers Internet speeds below 1.5 Mbps, including 384 kbps and 768 kbps… this is very slow for those of you not familiar with Mbps and kbps.  AT&T claims no wrong doing of any sort but has agreed to terms.  Besides the $8 settlement payout AT&T has agreed to monitor speeds for the next three-years to make sure the minimum DSL speeds are corresponding to the customer’s plan.

If you feel like you are a class member in the  AT&T Express DSL lawsuit you have until May 31, 2012 to file a claim form.  A class member can submit a claim form by mail or online at the class administrators web portal.  The following attorneys have been appointed by the courts to represent class members: Robert F. Ritter & Don M. Downing of the law firm Gray, Ritter & Graham and Patrick J. Perotti of the law firm Dworken & Bernstein Co.  If you would like to hire your own lawyer you may do so but at your own expense.  If you had more than one DSL phone number you must submit a another claim form.  All settlement payments and issues will hopefully be settled on or around September 28, 2012.  For more information about the lawsuit please call 1-855-793-1366.