www.GMTraining.com – GM Training Program

Dealership employees, GM Corporate Employees and Supplies care required to complete GM Training online.  General Motor Employees will be forced to sign in with their username and password.  If you do not have your user name or lost it please see you Human Resource Department.  If you are a supplier to GM you will need your training person ID in order to access GMTraining.com.  In order to obtain you ID GM US field personnel/dealerships and Canadian dealerships will need their GMIN number.  Any other users will need to supply their Legacy ID and then click the “Get Person ID” button.  If you’re not sure what your GMIN # is, please contact the Partner Security Coordinator or a Human Resource Manager at your dealership for help.  For those who are really behind the curve there is an instructional video that will help you with the GM Training portal.  The service includes Chevy, Buick and Cadillac dealers and employees as well.

General Motors is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol GM.  The GM corporate address is: 300 Renaissance Center Detroit, MI 48265 and can be reached by phone at (313)556-5000.  The company was founded way back in 1908 and produces popular cars and trucks around the world.  The company almost went out of Business during the great US Housing Collapse.  The US Government stepped in and saved the company and they returned to making a profit in the year 2011.  They have operations in 31 countries and employee over 200,000 people.  Popular cars GM produces include the Chevrolet Impala, GMC Sierra, Cadillac CTS, GMC Yukon and the Chevy Silverado.  Lesser known autos they produce include cars made by Saturn, Hummer and Opel.  If you’re looking for a quality American made car GM should be a top 3 pick.  If you’re looking for a foreign car please check out Lexus or BMW.