www.hrsaccount.com/menards – Manage Your Menard Big Card Account

All customers using the Menard Big Card should check out hrsaccount.com/menards to take advantage of their helpful online services.  If you don’t have a Menards card it is recommended you obtain one.  The card will earn you a 2% rebate on ALL your purchases at Menards. 

Once enrolled you will be able to take advantage of the following features:

  • Pay your bill online
  • View your statement online
  • Receive email alerts about your account
  • View account balance, amount due and due dates
  • View recent transaction history

You will also have the option to sign up for email alerts so a valid email address is required upon enrollment.  A user has the option to receive an email alert when a statement is available online,  an email alert when a credit card payment has been posted to the customer’s account and an email alert after the due date stating that a payment has not been posted to customers account.  The site is very easy to use and is pop up free.  For questions or customer service care help please call the toll free number shown on the back of your Menard Big Card.  You can also email customer service a question (up to 600 characters) by clicking on the contact us tab.