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A $10 cash payment could be made to anyone who purchased a Humphreys Homeopathic Product between the dates of June 20, 2008 to June 19, 2013.  The lawsuit is entitled Nigh v. Humphreys Pharmacal Inc., et al and revovles around claims that Humphreys deceptively labeled and marketed homeopathic products sold in the USA.  A 1.4 million dollar settlement fund is being developed to pay eligible class members and attorneys.  The settlement has been approved by the court but is still pending the fairness hearing.  The hearing will be held before the honorable Judge Michael M. Anello on October 21, 2103.  The hearing will be held at United States District Court for the Southern District of California, 221 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101 in courtroom number 5.  Some example of products being claimed under the Humphreys Homeopathic Product Lawsuit include Insomnia Relief, Original Teething Pellets Belladonna Free, Very Cherry Teething Strips Belladonna Free and Bedwetting Pellets.  The class members will be represented by the Law Firm of Ronald A. Marron, APLC.  Mr. Marron can be reached at 3636 Fourth Avenue, Ste. 202 San Diego, CA 92103.  The only way to obtain a settlement payout in the case is by filing a claim.  All claim forms are due by June 19, 2013.  With proof of purchase a class member can claim up to $100 in settlement reimbursements.  Without proof of purchase a member can only claim up to $50 in settlement payments under under penalty of perjury.

Humphreys Homeopathic will be represented by the law office of Edward J. Heath Robinson & Cole, LLP.  They can be found at 280 Trumbull Street Hartford, CT 06103.  HumphreysClassActionSettlement.com provides the claim form, the class notice, the settlement agreement and more details about the case.