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Recent customers of IHOP can provide feedback about their most recent dining adventure by taking the IHOP guest satisfaction survey online.  But why would you?  This crummy survey offers no reward or incentive.  Apparently IHOP thinks you should will take time out of your busy day to provide them with some feedback that will help them.  Where as other customer surveys provide sweepstakes or discount coupons for your time IHOP provides nothing!  If your still interested in taking the survey please have the survey code printed on your invitation and go to www.IHOPFeedback.com.  The survey is short and simple but that doesnt make up for the lack of incentive. 

IHOP stands for the International House of Pancakes and is a popular family restaurant that serves up breakfast to customers daily.  Besides pancakes, IHOP also serves up french toast, eggs, bacon, sausage, orange juice, biscuits and gravy and other popular breakfast foods.  IHOPFeedback is powered by Mindshare Technologies, Inc.

To find a IHOP near you please go to: http://ihoplocator.com/
If you wish to contact IHOP by phone or email please go here.


CONCLUSION:  No incentive makes the IHOPFeeedback customer survey and no go.  Avoid surveys without a reward like the plague.  If they don’t think your time is worth an incentive or reward please move on. 

SURVEY WEBSITE:  www.ihopfeedback.com