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If your house was foreclosed on in the year 2009 or 2010 you might want to think about submitting for a free review that will help determine if there were errors made in your foreclosure process that caused you to suffer financial injury.  Many mistakes and errors were made by both lenders and borrows during the 2009/2010 home mortgage crisis.  If you believe there was an error in your foreclosure process made by your lender you could be due compensation.   Please note that most foreclosures were done according to the law and only a small fraction of these foreclosures will qualify for compensation.  In order to qualify for any type of compensation you must of had a home loan with one of the following lenders: America’s Servicing Co., Aurora Loan Services, BAC Home Loans Servicing, Bank of America, Beneficial, Chase, Citibank, CitiFinancial, CitiMortgage, Countrywide, EMC, EverBank/EverHome Mortgage Company, Financial Freedom, GMAC Mortgage, HFC, HSBC, IndyMac Mortgage Services, MetLife Bank,National City Mortgage, PNC Mortgage, Sovereign Bank, SunTrust Mortgage, U.S. Bank, Wachovia Mortgage, Washington Mutual (WaMu), Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. or the Wilshire Credit Corporation.  If you did not have a home mortgage with any of the previous named companies it is not worth your time to request a review.  If you did have a loan with one of those companies and were foreclosed on in 2009 or 2010 please check out IndependentForeclosureReview.com.  The review will attempt to discover if financial injury occurred because of errors or other problems during the home foreclosure process conducted by the mortgage company.

Examples of errors or mistakes include: the mortgage balance at the time of foreclosure was more than you actually owed, you were obeying the laws and requirements of the modification agreement but still were foreclosed on and mortgage payments and or fees were inaccurately calculated, processed, or applied.  Another common example is the foreclosure took place while you were protected by consumer bankruptcy laws.  Please note that the borrower or co-borrower can submit for a review.  Once the review has been submitted you will receive a letter by mail informing you of the findings and if you might be due compensation.

The Independent Foreclosure Review is free of charge and will not hurt or improve your credit score.  Once a review has been requested you will receive confirmation within 1 week time.  The entire review process may take several months due to the complexity of the process and regulations.    During the process you might be requested to submit additional documents to help determine your case.  It is recommended you keep all documents and forms related to your foreclosure.