www.JCPenneyPowerline.com – Employee Benefits

JC Penney team members can access job related benefit information only at Powerline by JCP Benefits.  The site is simple to use and requires a user ID to gain access.  Please note that the User Id is not your Associate Kiosk Security Number.  Please contact your supervisor if your are unsure of your User ID.  All brand new employees will have to registered before they are allowed site access.  To register please have your date of birth and last 4 digits of your SSN # on hand.  Your user ID is very important as it allows you to access your benefits on JCPenneyPowerline.com and on Your Benefits Resources.  If you have already created a user ID on a previous visit to this site and have forgotten your user ID, choose I Forgot My User ID.  J.C. Penney has over 1000 locations across the US and over 150,000 employees.  Some JC Penney benefits depend on if your a full time or part time employee.  If you work less than 35 hours per week you are considered a part time employee.  If your work more than 35 hours per week you are considered a full time employee.  If you choose to enroll in part-time benefits that you may continue as a full-time associate (Vision, Critical Illness, Accident Insurance or Hospitalization Insurance), you must do so during your first 30 days.  Full time team members also gain access to spending account that can be used for Dependent Care Spending Account and Health Care Flexible Spending Account.  Also if your 21 years of age or older it is highly advised you take part in the 401(k) Savings Plan.  Anemployee can contribute up to 50% of their paycheck to the 401k plan as long as they earn less than $115,000 per year.  An employee will become eligible for the matching program as soon as they have been with JC Penney for 12 months or more and and have logged in more than 1000 hours.