www.MyPrePaidBalance.com – check your balance, track spending

A prepaid balance customer can Manage their prepaid card online, add a card, check their balance, reload a card, track spending, update information and register the card online.  MyPrePaidBalance.com Cards are issued by MetaBank.  The site is available in English or Spanish and has a mobile version for smart phone users.  Please note that these card are prepaid and do not involve a line of credit.  Prepaid card will NOT improve your credit score.  If you have bad credit or problems making timely payments a prepaid card might be right for you.  To monitor your card please go to the Prepaid balance web portal and create your user profile.  Once you have used up all the funds on the card you will only be able to use it again if you reload it.  The reloading process is very simple and should only take a few minutes.

MetaBank is headquartered in Storm Lake, Iowa and is FDIC insured.  Besides prepaid card services they also offer checking, savings, CDs, loans and a variety of other financial services.  MetaBank can be found at 121 East 5th Street  Storm Lake, IA 50588 or by phone (712) 732-4117.  If you have a question about the card please do not hesitate to contact a customer service agent for help.