www.MySkillsTutor.com – SkillsTutor Online, myskillstutor.com


MySkillsTutor is available for in the class room or for home school kids.  The service allows a teacher or stay at home mom the ability to set up a course, create worksheets, make grades and schedule reports.  www.MySkillsTutor.com is ideal for any teachers looking to get that extra edge in the class room. 

Here are some highlights and features of the MySkillsTutor:

Important features:

• Test students’ skills with pretests and post tests to make initial assessments and to gauge student progress

• Prescribe activities based on students’ pretest results

• Monitor student scores and completion of activities

• Produce reports for individual students, classes, schools and regions

• Provide online and print documentation, including printable activity sheets which extend the computer lessons to classroom or home activities

• View activities linked to specific state and national standards

The user guide offers excellent training on how to use the program. 

www.MySkillsTutor.com – SkillsTutor Online, myskillstutor.com