www.MyTitleSupport.com – My Title Support Services


My Title Support is provided by FDI and allows a user to obtain a lien satisfaction (proof that your loan is paid in full), a duplicate title (a copy of your title showing your lien removal if paid in full), a state change (support for title activity when you move to another state) and a name change (support for title activity when you legally change your name and want the change to be shown on the title).  The site supports the following lending institutions:  TD Auto Finance, Nissan, HSBC Auto, Infiniti, USAA, Charter One, RBS Citizens and Citizens Bank.

A user can also check the status of a lien by providing the lien confirmation number and the last 8 numbers of the VIN.  If your status shows open it has been entered into the system but has not been reviewed yet.  If the status shows up as in process the lien has been downloaded to FDI and is being processed.  If the status is Suspended you have a problem and additional information is needed from the lender.  If the status reflects voided then the lien has been determined as void and the funds will be returned to the original creditor.  If the status shows ready to fulfill then the FDI has determined that the validation is complete and is ready to be fulfilled.

Please note that leased autos required the need for a duplicate title to support the sale or transfer of the auto.  A duplicate title will take up to 5 business days to process.  Valid forms of payment includes Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and the Diners Club.