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New America 14 claims that there will be riots in the streets, Marshall law enacted and arrest made to everyday citizens based upon the ‘New Crisis” that will soon hit America.  New Amercia 14 claims that this “Next” crisis will be related to the housing crisis that hit America in 2008 in which we are still trying to recover from.  “The next phase in this crisis will threaten our very way of life”! claims the site.

Porter Stansberry is the creator of the NewAmerica14.com website and states in a video that he accurately predicted the housing crisis.  He is founder of the investment research firm Stansberry & Associates.  His firm warned investors to stay away from Fannie and Freddie, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers and General Motors before the financial meltdown in 2008. 

In a nutshell this guy is claiming that the United States economy is doomed and the dollar will become essentially worthless.  There is some pretty scary stuff in this video, some of which make a little sense but not on such a grand scale.  He states he would not be surprised to see Gold  reach $5,000 or $6,000 an ounce in the next few years.  He also states everyday grocery items like eggs, milk, bread and corn prices will soar.  Banks will also close and credit cards will become worthless.  Is this United States Economy doomed?  Not at all but he does an effective job selling the reader on this fact.  All this guy is trying to do is make a buck or two of the fears of financial Armageddon.  If you believe this stuff will happen I have a Acai Berry tree I want to sell you.  He is ultimately trying to get you to sign up for his monthly newsletter, Stansberry’s Investment Advisory.  The newsletter is regularly $99.00 per year but can be yours for only $49.50 for an entire year through NewAmerica14.com.  The newsletter includes:

Research Report #1: The 4 Investment Assets You Do NOT Have to Report to the U.S. Government

Research Report #2: The Gold Investor’s Bible

Research Report #3: Secrets of the Silver Market

Research Report #4: The 100% Secret – The Easiest Way to Make Money in a Risky Stock Market

Research Report #5: The World’s Most Valuable Asset in a Time of Crises

Now were not saying this isn’t a worthwhile letter… there most likely is some good advice and information in it.  Just don’t stock pile 3 years of food and guns in your basement preparing for riots in the streets and Marshall law. 

Please take this website with a grain of salt please.