www.newamerica21.com – New America Commercial?

New America is a website by Stansberry & Associates Investment Research that attempts to use scare tactics in order to push a subscription to an investment newsletter.  One must admit that the tactics they are using are pretty effective as many people are talking about these New America commercials.  The question is if these predictions are really going to come true?  Most financial experts vehemently disagree with Mr. Stansberry and his analyst of the future of America.  Not only is he predicting riots in the streets but he claims that the US Government will have to enforce Martial Law. He claims that the same financial problems that caused the great housing collapse will occur again but on a much larger scale.  His research claims that Americans and foreign investors are rapidly losing faith in the US Dollar and it will soon become worthless.  He states that the price of items ike bread and milk will sky-rocket.  Please take all of this with a grain of salt.  Most reasonable investors could not disagree more with this analysis.

When you visit NewAmerica21 you will have the option to sit through the entire video which is about 15 minutes long or simply hit the backspace on your keyboard and read the commentary.  It is highly recommended that you skip the video and just skim the reading to get the main points of the topic.  Sitting through the video is like watching grass grow.  At the end of the reading he offers a sales pitch for you to join his investment newsletter.  If you agree with what you have read go ahead and spend your hard earn money on this product.  If you think this is just a scare tactic to make a sale move on to a more sound investment newsletter that won’t use predictions like riots in the streets to make a sale.