www.NewAmerica27.com – What is NewAmerica27?


Is there a storm coming worse than the financial collapse of 2007?  NewAmerica27.com thinks so.  Stansberry Research is predicting the financial problems for the last 5 years will soon destroy the United States and will change our way of life forever.  Vacations, schools, and shopping will never be the same according to Stansberry Research.  The predictions made in NewAmerica27 are scary and could be real.  The keyword is COULD.  Now will the things predicted in NewAmerica27 really come true?  Maybe but not nearly on the level they predict.  Basically NewAmercica is concerned with the amount of debt the US has racked up and trillions of other obligations we owe to foreign countries.  A debt default by the US Government would have already happened if we did not print more money they claim.  The US dollar is known as the worlds reserve currency and is the only reason the US cannot go broke.  We simply print more money to pay for more debts we owe.  We can consume as much as we want because or dollars are accepted world-wide. 

So what does Stansberry Research suggest you do to protect yourself?  They suggest you buy the Stansberry & Associates Digest for just about $50.00 a year!  Wow we didn’t see that coming.  Some people do support the analysis in the  Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, but in general I would recommend looking elsewhere for investment advice.  NewAmerica27.com just seems to much like a scare tactic to talk the user into buying a subscription.