www.NewAmerica7.com – What is this New America?

We have all see the New America commercial on TV and thought could this be for real?  Is America really headed for a complete and utter collapse similar to the Roman Empire?  Don’t for a second think that any of this nonsense is true.  NewAmerica7 is just a commercial attempting to use shock value in order to gain a potential sale.  We have seen this horse and pony show before.  So what is New America all about?  It is pretty much a guy trying to make a few bucks by selling financial advice.  The guy is named Porter Stansberry and he is trying to get you to subscribe to his Stansberry’s Investment Advisory monthly newsletter.  He claims that buying his newsletter will be one of the best financial moves you ever make.  To be honest this is just like any of the other hundreds of other financial newsletters out there… like throwing darts at a wall.

A few highlights of his reports include  The 100% Secret – The Easiest Way to Make Money When Stocks are Risky and The World’s Most Valuable Asset in a Time of Crises.  Now these reports and newsletters could very well make you a nice return but so could any other advisor out there and so could you picking your own stocks.  The art of making money in the stock market is a very difficult one and takes a lifetime to master.  Many people fail miserably and are quickly out of the game.  For every Warren Buffet there are thousands of nobodies that went belly up.  If you are in the market for a financial newsletter it is suggested you do some research on the web and look at reviews before buying in.  MarketWatch has some very good write ups and reviews on financial newsletter that have succeeded over the past few years… sadly NewAmerica7 is not one of them.