www.ontelproductsorderstatus.com – Ontel Order Information


If you have recently made a purchase with Ontel please check the status of the order online at the Ontel Order Information web portal.  First you will have to select the purchased product from a drop down list.  Then you have the option to track or change an order by entering the order information.  Please provide the name on the order, phone number and zip associated with the order or the webstore order number.  Customers also have the option to read a FAQ or contact customer service for the purchased product.  Warranty information is available on most products as well.

A few of the more popular products include Slushy Magic, Dream Lites, Dream Sleep Pillow, Go Wallet Wrist Pockets, Push Up Pro and Boom Tunes.  Ontel Products was founded in 1994 and is a multi million dollar retail product company.  They have operating location in Hong Kong, Jersey and California.  The corporate headquarters are based in Fairfield, NJ.  Ontel attempts to provide quality products that make life easier for their customers.  All of the products we have ever ordered from Ontel arrived on time and in perfect condition.  Please note that the Better Business Bureau has this company graded as an F based on 203 complaints in the last 3 years.  Problems with the product/service was the number one complaint, delivery issues were a close second.