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Making a payment online with Citibank is simple.   If you’re a current CITI customer without online access just spend a few minutes setting up your online account and you will have access to Citi Online by the end of this article.  If you’re a current member just sign in with your user ID and password.  All first time users will have to register with their account information for online access to your eligible Citi accounts.  It is highly recommend to sign up for a CitBank account online as it is friendly to the environment (reduces paper usage) and saves time!

Once online account access has been approved a Citi customer can make and set up online payments, update account information, make transfers, reorder checks online, make a deposit, change an account address or phone number, sign up for email alerts, dispute a charge on a Citi credit card account and much more.  Online.citibank.com is easy to use and is pop up free.  (Please note that if it your first time ordering check you will have to call toll-free 800-374-9700 or visit a Citibank branch, the online option is not available for first time orders).

CitiBank NA is FDIC insured and is an Equal Housing Lender.  They offer loans, checking and savings accounts, credit cards, financial products and services, and a variety of reward programs.