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The Reebok Toning Shoes and Apparel lawsuit claim that’s Reebok violated numerous laws when marketing these toning products.  Reebok denies all wrong doing but has agreed to settle in order to avoid a lengthy court battle.  If you purchased Reebok toning shoes and/or apparel from December 5, 2008 through October 12, 2011 you might be eligible for a settlement payout under the ReebokSettlement.  “Eligible Apparel” and “Eligible Shoes” include the following:

EasyTone Flip
EasyTone Capri
EasyTone Pants 
EasyTone Shorts
EasyTone Long Bra Top 
EasyTone Sleeveless Shirt
EasyTone Short Sleeve Top 

If you purchased one of the above named Reebok products you should file a claim form immediately.  All claim forms must be electronically submitted no later than April 10, 2012 or postmarked no later than April 10, 2012.  If you fail to submit a claim you will not be eligible for any type of settlement.  If you would like to object to the ReebokSettlement please do so no later than December 28, 2011.  By objecting to the settlement you feel the that settlement is not fair.  A settlement fairness hearing will be held on January 17, 2012 at 2:30 p.m. at the federal courthouse, courtroom 2, Donohue Federal Building, 595 Main Street, Worcester, Massachusetts, to determine if the settlement is fair and reasonable.  You can request to speak at the hearing if you feel the need to.  All request to speak at the hearing are due by December 28, 2011.

The settlement amount could be the same, or less than $50 for each pair of Eligible Shoes, $40 for each EasyTone Capri and EasyTone Pants, and $25 for each applicable shirt, bra top and top.  This settlement is definitely worth you time to apply for if you’re a class member.  A total settlement fund of $25,000,000 has been developed. 

For more information, to include the claim form, please visit the settlement admin website.